Anti-reflective coatings

O.K.M. is on the cutting edge of the optical industry and fashion trends. We can guarantee the optimal optical and aesthetical performance of our every lens. State-of-the-art equipment and advanced technical procedures allow our users a wide selection of shape, colour and surface coatings like the extremely durable TOPcoat and IONcoat anti-reflections and the fashionable blue IONcoatFC antireflection. Immaculate coloured layer, trendy mirrored effect and optimal lens thinness enables every O.K.M. lens the optical perfection and aesthetic sophistication few can rival.     


Anti-reflective coatings: superior hydrophobic and oleophobic TOPcoat or IONcoat lens surface is protected by an additional layer, that allows better finishing process and is easily removed after the completed procedure.  


Each our Rx lens with antireflection comes with a 2 year warranty. At the purchase the customer receives a dated “AR warranty card” that enables the reclamation of lens that exhibited surface anomalies.