State-of-the-art Seiko-Epson calculation software enables the production of the most personalized lens possible. With the help of personal and frame measurements we perfectly conform the refraction effect of the lens to every individuals’ visual strategy.

Personalized design allows the user wider optical functionality of the lens, high-definition vision in both meridians, spherical as well as torical. Individualisation of the lens adds value not only in the optical, but also the fashionable sense. With near unlimited lens and frame design selection following the trends has never been easier.

Free-form technology is an innovative computer-controlled process of shaping the lens backside surface. This revolutionary approach enables the production of precise lenses on the 0.05 diopter scale, whereas the classical hard tool technique has 0.12 diopter margin of error.      

OKM was one of the first free-form technology pioneers, we enjoy wide recognition in the field for our extensive experience, innovation and tradition.

We manufacture:

  • Classic single vision lenses
  • InLogic progressive lenses. With progressive backside lens surface we achieved a significant decrease in optical aberration and wider fields of depth and proximity perception.
  • Astoric. Single vision lens, all aspheric/atoric design is applied on the backside surface.  The aspheric/atoric concave surface is optimized in both meridians of spherical power and cylindrical power. The aspheric/atoric design is optimized in any lens thickness and in any lens material. All of optical aberrations are minimized. Center thickness and edge thickness are reduced.
  • AsSport. Single vision backside aspheric/atoric lens surface for high wrap frames. The calculation for optimization is performed for each prescription. The optical aberrations (spherical aberration, astigmatism, distortion) are minimized thus enabling a wider field of optical activity and much improved sharpness.